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September 5, 2023
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Monday, August 28, 2023

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1. Three ways to build credibility and authority

Consumers like us encounter dozens of purchase decisions every day. Obviously it’s impossible to research every product we consider buying so we turn to the experts to guide us in the right direction.

These “authority figures” help curate a positive purchase experience and when a brand can leverage those voices effectively, our purchase decision becomes that much easier.

We’ve got the tips you need to make those “authority figures” work in your brand’s favor.

Start building your brand’s authority with our write-up.

2.  Brand love

👶 Biggest Little - Versatile baby toys that are sure to be the best part of any bath time! Biggest Little went from a passion project to a symbol of togetherness and love between parents and their children.

🍫 Flings - We don’t need to reinvent the wheel but no one said anything about the rectangle. Flings offers tasty toaster snacks in three distinct flavors for a light snack or a quick breakfast.

☀️ California Naturals - Enjoy your time out in the sun without the worry of damaging your hair. California Naturals is a fun-in-the-sun lifestyle brand made with simple and natural ingredients.

3. Here's how to cut your paid social CPA by 25% in Q4. *

 Launching content angles like gift guides, deal highlights, round-ups, and comparison campaigns can help build brand trust, attract new audiences, and re-engage past leads this holiday season.

Heading into Q4, preparing early for your paid social efforts is essential, which is why brands like Farmer's Dog, Truly Beauty, and Prose partner with Grapevine.

Grapevine's seamless whitelisting platform allows you to scale your content and creative. They help your brand launch diverse and high-performing content angles AND tap into a vast network of vetted whitelisting creators, publishers, and more.

We recently had Farmer's Dog on our podcast, and he noted that Grapevine's campaign consistently outperformed their BAU campaigns. Cut your paid socials CPA by ~25% this Q4 and partner with Grapevine by clicking here.

4. Meta holiday accounts and creative strategies

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of the mini-holidays leading up to the BF/CM season. You need the most out of Q3 and Q4 to continue growing as a brand into next year and the Pilothouse Meta team has the strategies to get you started.

Promote your catalog with updated copy, harness the power and influence of creators, or tap into the spirit of the season with limited-time promotions!

Make the most of Q3 and Q4 with these hot tips.

5. Indisputable facts on why you need a mobile app.*          

Today, 64,4% of the world population uses the internet, and 90% of internet users spend their time on mobile applications. The percentage of people buying online between 16-54 is 79.5%.

"Mobile" consumers aged 18-24 make 68% of their purchases from mobile 1-4 times a week! Which begs the question? Do you have an app?

If you have a Shopify store, you can create a mobile app. Shoppy is effortless and requires little maintenance and no coding knowledge. Click here to get started.

6. Have you heard our latest podcasts?

🤑 Kevin Liu - Simplifying E-Commerce Sales Tax with Numeral

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⚡ Quick Hits

🤔 Is there a connection between returns and acquisition, and loyalty? 2000 consumers say yes! Get Loop's new Consumer Report to learn how post-purchase impacts shopping behaviors.*

👽 Reddit promotes incentives for content moderators amid discontent on the platform. Stronger content moderation could lead to more advertisers returning to the platform if trust is built and maintained.

🚀 Upgrade Your Marketing Performance. Even after iOS 14.5 and ITP, Black Crow AI’s Smart ID increases the ROI of your Meta & Klaviyo campaigns. See for yourself with a 30-day free trial. *

📺 Youtube Shorts now boasts over 50B views per day as it shares advice for short content creators and brands. The Shorts Product Lead shares insights on the specialized algorithm and hashtags.

🎵 TikTok’s Songs of the Summer 2023 is now available. The infographics showcase the most popular songs in the US and global markets.

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