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August 14, 2023
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Friday, July 21, 2023

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1. Want to figure out who your content *actually* resonates with? Here’s a test!

If you're running open audiences on your Meta account and trying to figure out where your conversions are coming from, this one's for you!

The Pilothouse Meta team did an interesting test — They wanted to see how different age groups perform in Story and Reels placements to optimize their strategy.

They used the top two user-generated content (UGC) videos in each age-defined ad set. And guess what? The results were not what they thought they would be! Click here for the outcome.

2. 127 days until Black Friday. Are you ready?

The holiday season is just around the corner, and if you don’t have 100% confidence in your marketing agency, there’s no better time to take action than now.

If your current agency (1) isn’t creating value through rapid iteration of winning ad creative/campaigns, (2) isn’t truly aligned to your profit goals, (3) isn’t creating a plan to maximize profits in Q4, then you need to be exploring your options.

Pilothouse, DTC’s sister company, is ready to chat. Get in touch with someone on the team now - no obligation.

3. A classic 7-step formula for copywriting (& how to plug it into ChatGPT for lightning-fast results)

We’re all looking to spice up our copywriting, right? Introducing Bob Stone's Gem, a classic 7-step formula for copywriting that can be effectively used with ChatGPT to generate persuasive ad copy quickly.

Here’s how it goes: Start with your products’ strongest benefit, expand on it to showcase positive impact, lay out the offer with clear language, provide proof through testimonials and reviews, explain the consequences of not taking action, summarize the major benefits, and end with a compelling call-to-action.

Want more deets on each step and how to use ChatGPT to accelerate the process? Click here to read on.

4. Increase your Amazon product page conversion by focusing on content optimization*

Amazon is the #1 eCommerce platform in the US and many other countries. Optimizing your photo and video assets is key to increasing conversions on product pages.

Two things you should be aware of. (1) Is your content authentic and relatable? (2) What do you have above the fold?

Vitamin and supplement giant Nature's Way used Cohley to generate lifestyle content for Amazon and boosted their Amazon conversion rates by 30%.

Plus, Cohley can help generate short-form VIDEO testimonials to drop into your product page to really boost your brand's trust and boost conversion rates. Check out more here!

5. Google continues the rollout of its Privacy Sandbox APIs while depreciating cookies in online advertising.

Privacy Sandbox will coexist with third-party cookies in the browser for now but Google plans to depreciate third-party cookies for all users by the second half of 2024.

Google will then allow Chrome users to manage Privacy Sandbox data, including ad topics and measurement data. Ad tech companies will need to enroll for access to these APIs on Chrome and Android, making it a mandatory process in the future. Read more on the rollout here.

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♾️ Meta released LLaMA 2, its new large language learning model, for free globally. It uses unique reinforcement learning techniques that separate it from Bard and other competitors.

🎵 TikTok has compiled a Commercial Content Library for researchers. Currently, only data from European sources is available but a future expansion of the service has been planned.

👽 Reddit published a back-to-school marketing guide to help businesses understand the interests of parents. The document provides insight into the needs of school-age children and their families’ interests.

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