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August 14, 2023
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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

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1. Drew Arciuolo returns to the DTC podcast with transformative marketing strategies.

As the VP of Marketing at VKTRY Gear, Drew has seen incredible growth by shifting from a broad marketing strategy to niche-ing down and speaking directly to basketball players.

Check out more of Drew’s story to discover the secret behind scaling organic content to over 8M views per day!

Read our summary or listen to the full episode here.

 2. Visual Power Unleashed: Elevate your conversions with captivating product images. *          



We are all looking for ways to boost engagement, showcase product features, and leave a lasting impression on our audiences.

That’s why we recommend eko as the ultimate solution for your video needs.

eko helps you captivate your audience’s attention with stunning product demos, insightful comparisons, and exciting unboxings. There are no limits to the types of videos you can create.

In fact, eko users see a 47% increase in conversions and a remarkable 72% boost in engagement with impactful videos.

Step into the world of endless possibilities with eko today. Elevate your video content, engage your audience, and drive business results. Enhance your store with a continuous flow of captivating videos in no time!

3.  Grow your audience with Display Ad campaigns

Display Ads from Google offer a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between static creative and high-quality video ads on Youtube. Thanks to the Pilothouse Youtube team, we’ve got a few strategies to help make the transition between mediums quick and easy. 👇

Highlighting individual USPs, specific collections, crossposted content, and innovative visual styles can all work within your static content approach before diving into video content.

The decision to explore new platforms should never be taken lightly. But don’t be afraid to test the waters.

Get caught up on solid testing strategies here!

4. Learn how Kinder Beauty transformed their marketing performance with one click.*

When Safari's ITP reduced the effectiveness of Kinder Beauty's once high-performing Meta campaigns, they needed to deliver more sales - without relying on margin-squeezing promos.

That’s when they turned to Black Crow AI's Smart ID. It’s transforming the way they recognize their users and reach their prospects, leading to big boosts in Meta campaign efficiency.

Within thirty days, they saw a 50% improvement in event match quality (EMQ), a 39% reduction in CPA, and a 29% increase in ROAS!

They were also able to trigger more messaging flows, boosting revenue from Klaviyo by 79%

Read the case study & discover Smart ID for yourself.

5. Shopify introduces a new credit card for business expenses

Marketing is expensive. This is especially true for smaller brands looking to stand out from the competition.

With Shopify’s new credit card, you’ll unlock marketing and retention tools reserved for brands on Shopify Plus. As a growing brand, it’s hard to understate the importance of these tools when you are looking to scale your business.

You’ll also determine if you qualify for up to 3% cash back on your ad spend, learn how to make the most of premium tier features, and consolidate your finances with our write-up on Shopify Credit.

⚡ Quick Hits

💃 Your UGC might be hurting your brand. Paying influencers to act like they love your product is not UGC. Explore this in-depth guide to automate your UGC by going 'direct-to-creator". Have a read! *

🤖 Youtube experiments with AI generated video summaries. This tool could prove useful in making videos more accessible to visually impaired users or as a quality of life feature to improve the viewing experience for all.

♾️ Meta’s brand suitability controls have received an update. The update serves as a way to strengthen the bond and trust previously established between advertisers and Meta’s platform.

✖️ X launches legal action over claims that harmful content continues to grow on their platform. Several reports published by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate are the center of the case.

📺 Jade Beason partnered with Youtube to help guide long-form content creators into Shorts content. The series highlights emerging trends and formats that could be leveraged to build short-form viewership.

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