Digital Marketing and Ecommerce

Master the fundamentals of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce with this practical course that will help professionals and business owners refresh basic knowledge and start planning their marketing and business strategies with the Pilothouse proven method made for beginners

Around 8 hours of video lessons and practical assignments

Practice and Mentoring

You can choose to work on your own or have a Pilothouse mentor to guide you through your practical assignments to create a portfolio that will land you a new job or boost your own business.

8 Projects

You will start planning your ecommerce and digital marketing strategy along with operations. You will perform competitive research and map all the metrics you should watch and improve for your business with the Pilothouse proven method on Lead generation, Ads platforms, creative and copywriting testing as well as social media management.

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Who’s this course for

Beginners in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing

Get started with the basics of digital marketing, set up your account from scratch and create your first campaigns through research, data analysis and metrics definition for different industries. Build your portfolio to land a new job or grow your client’s or own marketing strategies with Pilothouse’s proven method applied from scratch.

Business Owners and Freelancers

Get a head start in this amazing industry that grows constantly. Learn the digital marketing and ecommerce skills you need to start your career or your own brand using all the tools and essential skills you need to land an amazing job or grow your business with paid and organic advertising, ecommerce and social media management.

Learning Outcomes

Ads platforms essentials

Understand how ads platforms work and get started with ads and event manager by setting up your pixels and conversion API to track your potential customers behaviors and preferences and segment them appropriately.

Research competition and personas

Use research tools to create industry-specific personas and competitor analysis to base your strategy on.

Creative Design and Copywriting

Use research tools to create industry-specific personas and competitor analysis to base your strategy on.

Build an ecommerce business

Use research tools to create industry-specific personas and competitor analysis to base your strategy on.

Meta Ads planning and setup

Use research tools to create industry-specific personas and competitor analysis to base your strategy on.

The Pilothouse 6-Step strategy

Use research tools to create industry-specific personas and competitor analysis to base your strategy on.


“...this course kicks so much ass.”

Elliot Roazen, Head of Growth at the Uncovery, Unilever

Course Program


Ecommerce operations

  • Introduction to ecommerce
  • Marketing for ecommerce
  • Business structures and best practices
  • Best businesses categories for ecommerce
  • Setup your shopify account

Assignment: Setup your shopify account with Pixels, Conversion API, Ads account and document your business plan draft


Digital Marketing 101

  • Behavior tracking and events management
  • Sales funnel development
  • Meta business walkthrough
  • Setting up Pixels and domains
  • Multitouch attribution and the 4 main priorities in marketing
  • Competitive research and Facebook Ads Library

Assignment: Document your sales funnel, competitive research and the important events for your business in order to setup your events manager


Product Management

  • Important marketing metrics and KPIs
  • Data analysis and metrics improvement
  • Product market fit and research

Assignment: Document your product market fit strategy and research that led you to your conclusions


DTC Marketing Strategy

  • Persona and avatar research and development
  • Biggest mistakes to avoid
  • Angles research and development

Assignment: Start research and documenting your marketing strategy, angles and personas


Lead Generation Strategies

  • Introduction to Leads and lead generation
  • Lead generation success stories
  • Conversion rate optimization strategies

Assignment: Document different lead generation strategies for your business and send for feedback


Ads platforms and Social Media management

  • When Should You Hire an Agency & What Should You Look For
  • How to Hire Good Marketers
  • How to Align Your Internal & External Marketing Teams
  • Company Culture

Assignment: Describe a good agency/independent marketers hiring instructions along with expectations and culture definitions for both internal and/or external stakeholders of your projects


Pilothouse creative strategy that converts

  • Step 1 - Find Your Top 5 Angles
  • Step 2 - Copy + Angle Testing
  • Step 3 - Analyze Data and Uncover Your Winners
  • Step 4 - Identifying Creatives Needed
  • Step 5 - Audience Testing
  • Step 6 - Consolidate Winners Into Scale Campaigns

Assignment: Document your top 5 Angles, test at least 2 copy products in real platforms or in controlled tests


Business Intelligence and Data Analysis

  • Google Analytics for data analysis
  • Metrics monitoring with Google Analytics

Assignment: Create your GA account and start planning your dashboard

These strategies have tens of millions of dollars in ad spend backing them up… Strategies we’ve perfected over many years.

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