Zero Volume, Infinite Possibilities

October 17, 2022

Zero-volume keywords are search phrases that seemingly generate zero traffic but have the potential to accelerate the growth of your website. 🚀

In case you’re not up to speed…

Search volume refers to the number of times a word is searched within a timeframe. Normally, a word with a high search volume would be a key indicator to include it in your optimization strategy but *shockingly,* high-volume words are highly competitive.

✏️ Finding the right words

Brainstorm some words that are relevant to your business and determine their recent search volume. Identify the words that have the lowest volume by using free online tools like Ahrefs.

Try typing a statement into a search engine using your newfound keyword(s).

Here’s an example: If you’re a DTC brand selling running shoes and you want to target the zero-volume keyword ‘elastic’, you would type: “ Do running shoes contain el…..

If the search engine is able to autofill to complete the word elastic, you’ve discovered a potential high-volume keyword with minimal competition!

Next, we can take that word or phrase and search it to generate SERPs . Analyzing these results help you to confirm the value of your keyword. If we see forum posts asking questions about the keyword with high traffic, this is another indicator of a high value word.

📱 Is it proven? Try it for yourself!

Twitter user @princessniche claims they’ve seen success using this method by generating over 1,400 page views each month using zero-volume keywords. For more information and examples, check out the full thread here!

Could zero-volume keywords be your next opportunity for growth and lead generation? Let us know what you’ve discovered! 🔐

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