Why might DTC brands want to focus on messenger marketing? Here’s the data.

July 29, 2020

It’s time to think about Black Friday 👉 Steal this ChatBot growth strategy from Charley Tichenor (@Charleythedisruptor)

What it is, high-level: Run a huge-ass giveaway (Charley calls it a Million Dollar Giveaway). Could be a motorcycle, Tesla, or better yet, a whole lot of gift cards.

Most folks run a giveaway like this through email -- the chance to win is the lead-gen incentive, and the rest is carried out through email.

This strategy uses Facebook Live, a post-engagement ad campaign (for opt-ins), and chatbots (for nurturing). 

Charley’s results using this strategy

✅ 3-4x ROAS spending 5 figures per week

✅ Opt-ins for less than $0.10 (versus $1.25 for an email via landing page)

✅ Open rates around 80% 

Intrigued? Here’s how you do it (7 easy steps):

Step 1: Run a big giveaway promotion on Facebook live. Ask your audience to tag a friend for a chance to win prizes.

Step 2: Use the comment to opt-in growth tool that’s available via most industry-standard chatbots. It’s just like it sounds -- users comment on a post or an ad and a chatbot automation is triggered.

Step 3: Use your Facebook live video and run a post-engagement campaign with it.

Step 4: Now that you’ve built up momentum with this giveaway, engage your list on Messenger one day before Black Friday letting them know about your Black Friday promotion.

At this point, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you about ⚠ Facebook’s 24+1 Rule ⚠: In the first 24 hours of a user opting in to messaging, you can send as much promotional or non-promotional stuff as you want. After 24 hours are up, you can send as much non-promotional stuff as you want, and one promotional follow up. This is the 24+1 Rule.

Want to hack this rule? Try this same strategy in collaboration with influencers.

Now bring the heat with more traditional tactics...

Step 5: Depending on how long you’ve been priming your list for this promotion, you’ve likely already made a ton of sales. On Black Friday, go ahead and email your list (as much as you want, of course)

Step 6: Run a retargeting campaign to engagers (be sure to exclude purchasers).

Step 7: Extend this promotion from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, to Cyber Week.

Hidden advantages of this strategy:

  • Offsets your ad / media spend → Think about it, if you’re about to run a campaign, you’ll usually go straight to ads and email, right? When you’ve built a substantial list via messenger, you can run promotions to that list for a fraction of the cost. Charley’s actually achieved campaign goals using chatbot marketing alone, and was able to avoid ad spend altogether!
  • This strategy is self-liquidating → Charley says many of the giveaways are $10 gift cards for customers to spend at least $70. This significantly increases average order value, absorbs ad costs, and can even generate profit from customer acquisition.
  • Easier Opt-Ins → FB Messenger enables you to get a prospect’s personal ID in 1 click. The low barrier to entry makes it easier to get their info AND makes it easier for Facebook to optimize your campaign’s performance. Win win 🙌.
  • Grow your retargeting audience → People may opt-in and not buy, but that’s okay because you get to not only send messages to them, you can also retarget them 😈

Don’t want to do this by yourself? Share this strategy with your media buying team.

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