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January 22, 2022

Kelsey Hess

Contributing Writer

🏠 First up, the homepage

Currently, Who Gives A Crap has 5 images on their homepage carousel. We suggest removing the image slider completely. 

Data suggests that carousels typically create less engagement above the fold and that 90% of carousel interaction happens on the first slide. 

Multiple messages also distract from the core goal of selling toilet paper. 

Humans prefer simple direction—the easier you make the initial step, the greater chance your visitors will take action and follow through to the end.

If these pieces of content are important for your brand, make them cross-sections on your homepage. Placement on the page should be based on their importance (higher up the page = more important). 

Here’s what we’d change: 

One of the current slides 👇

Updated 👇

Oddit’s suggestions: 

1: Your most compelling brand statement is your 50% donations—lead with that!

2: Your review volume is insane. Make sure to call out the reviews at the very top. This is critical for building instant credibility and trust with uses new to the brand.

3: Don’t make copy on actions cryptic. Speak clearly and tell visitors exactly what they are doing when they select it.

4: Pull in a few more key traits below your action button to round out the brand story!

👀 Now let’s chat product cards (on the homepage) 

Product cards need to be easy to scan and give visitors all the info they need to take the next steps in their journey.

Creating an information hierarchy that allows visitors to see the most important info first is essential. 



Oddit’s suggestions: 

1: Pull out “Best Value” into a tag over the image. Much easier to see. 

2: Your reviews speak volumes about the products. Always call them out on product cards.

3: Separate your title and info into multiple sections so that content is easier to scan/read.

4: Consider displaying the price as per unit. This allows visitors to see why this product would be ‘best value’ compared to the bamboo paper ($1.25/roll).

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