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UGC: Adding More Value with Limited Budgets

May 5, 2021

Here’s a few UGC quick tips on adding more value for content creators in cases where your budgets are limited, from Angela Meadows, Head of Pilothouse’s UGC Department.

1) When pitching your brand to creators, it’s important to explain how your product & brand aligns with the creator’s brand. 

Working with creators who genuinely believe in your brand will have huge pay-offs. 

Find creators who share the same values as your brand and they’ll be more willing to collaborate and less likely to charge for content. There’s also a better chance that they’ll become long-term partners, and possibly brand ambassadors. 

2) Whitelisting & Dark-posting are great ways to add extra value for creators/influencers. 

In whitelisting and dark-posting, you’re exposing a content creator to a

far larger audience than if they were to post organically to their social


The content creator will gain added exposure and in most cases, they’ll be able to track the added benefit of gaining followers.

Dark-posting is when an influencer grants a brand permission to run branded content through that content creator’s handle, but the content isn’t shown on the content creators page/social profile.


Whitelisting is the same except the content lives on the content creator’s profile and looks like an organic post.  

For an in-depth look at whitelisting and dark-posting, check out the Influencer Flywheel Challenge on DTC+.

3) Make it easy for creators, and you’ll get better content!

Take the guesswork out of content development for creators: 

  • Tell them exactly what type of content you want.
  • Give them inspiration from other UGC videos you’ve seen.
  • Provide talking points for the angles you need.
  • Provide the specific format and orientation you need the content shot in.

TIP: UGC content X double duty. 

When you get a product demo or testimonials video, take a static image from the most-watched section of the video.

Run it as an ad in comparison with the video

In some cases we see the screenshot of the content perform better!

Have more UGC related questions? Get in touch with Angela and the Pilothouse UGC team. 

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