TikTok on the clock and these brands don’t stop 🕺

February 28, 2022

Ashley Cummings

Contributing Writer

Not to state the obvious, but…

TikTok is taking the DTC world by storm! 🌪️

The hugely popular social video app:

  • Generated $4.6 billion revenue in 2021—an 142% increase year-on-year 🚀
  • Got people downloadin’... a massive 656 million times in 2021 to be exact 📲
  • Boasts 1.2 billion MAUs 😏
  • Plans to TRIPLE its revenue from ads in 2022 💵
  • Speaks to the younguns—63% of Gen Z use TikTok daily 🧒

The central truth of creative on TikTok, is to create TikToks… not ads. Savvy brands know this and are moving fast to jump on the bandwagon. Why?

TikTok videos influence purchasing decisions. Big time. 🤠

There are 8.1 billion tagged videos to prove it.

TikTok is still a baby. The barrier to enter the game is still low, leaving the door wide open for DTC brands.

Here’s a breakdown of 3 brands doing cool things on TikTok. Consider what they are doing and incorporate some of their strategies into yours.

1. BlendJet  [40k+ followers]

Blenders are not the most exciting product…

But, here’s the thing. BlendJet is not boring. We repeat. BlendJet is NOT boring.

Not even a little.

BlendJet has developed a fun brand personality, and a cool TikTok strategy that:

  • Features fun and likable creators ✅
  • Participates in TikTok trends ✅
  • Shows how the product works ✅
  • Encourages viewers to purchase ✅

Here’s one example of a video BlendJet did where it piggybacked on a TikTok trend of making margaritas on the beach using the BlendJet blender.

The result? Let’s let the comments do the talking:

10 of the 70 comments we’re from happy owners of BlendJet or people looking to purchase!

2. Run Gum [488k+ followers]

Nick Symmonds is the guy for Run Gum. He’s also a two-time Olympian, entrepreneur, YouTuber, and the company’s founder. 💪 Their TikTok videos go somethin’ like this:

1️⃣ Symmonds challenges passers-by to a test of physical endurance like  pull-ups or a race.

2️⃣ He sweetens the deal by paying (in cold hard cash) for either participation or a number of reps completed.

Here’s an example of a bench press challenge where he gave strangers $1 for every pound they could bench.

The videos are fun and in line with the vibe of Run Gum.

Each video:

  • Has a central character (Nick) ✅
  • Has a main theme (mini-challenges) ✅
  • Includes branded hashtags ✅

When you see a Run Gum video, you know what you’re going to get.

You’re going to see Nick Symmonds challenging random people to fun athletic events.

You’ll see people walk away from the challenge, and you’ll see the brave ones compete and get paid.

Either way, you’ll remember Run Gum as an endurance product and maybe even pick it up next time you’re at the store.

3. Duolingo  [3.2m+ followers]

It’s impossible to talk about TikTok strategy and not mention the internet’s new favorite owl, the Duolingo owl.🦉

And yeah, we know, Duolingo is an app, but there’s still something DTCs brand can learn from its TikTok strategy.

Duolingo absolutely nails what makes an excellent TikTok. The videos are short, authentic, and funny. Ultimately, they’re there to make you lol, which is what TikTok is all about.

Here’s why Duolingo's videos are so on-point. 📌  They…

  • Personify the Duolingo logo (the green owl is a real mascot that wanders around the office doing hilarious things)
  • Communicates a central message about how language learning will improve your life
  • Are hilarious (did I say that already?) 🤣

Do yourself a favor and rip a page from the Duolingo handbook.

Consider creating a mascot or personification that’ll entertain your customers and sell your products.

And what do all these examples have in common?

  • They’re normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill TikToks ✅
  • They’re authentic (which Gen Z loooove!) ✅
  • They’re not sales-ey or ads ✅

Marketers need to hit these points to help drive purchase decisions on Tiktok. It’s that simple.

Will you be using TikTok in your DTC marketing soon? Let us know your plans, we’re all ears 👂

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