🎉 TGIT–Thursday Dating Got Some Street Smarts

May 16, 2022

Jordan Gillis

We've seen some exciting marketing campaigns coming out of the dating app world, but nothing matches the 💫spice💫 of Thursday Dating.

A dating app that only comes alive on Thursdays.

Though the app's concept is bold, its marketing and ideas are bigger and bolder. It's as if their entire marketing strategy is one large guerilla campaign.

Thursday Dating is thriving on a budget, and it's because they are utilizing tools that most marketers are passing up – in-person marketing, LinkedIn, interns, and their competition.  

Let's take a deeper dive into their strategies:

🦍 In-person marketing

Thursday Dating utilizes many in-person marketing installations. From having interns handing out 1,000 dates (the fruit) to free sex toys on the streets of London—all branded by a massive cardboard sign and their logo drawn with a black sharp Thursday is as scrappy as scrappy gets…

Each stunt that Thursday Dating captures is put into an easily digestible format that is leveraged across all social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram… and LinkedIn?

🕴Unprofessionalism on LinkedIn

A huge piece of the puzzle for Thursday Dating is their use of LinkedIn to drive traffic in a community that isn't used to disruptive content.

Everyone has an account, but still, only 5% of people/brands post in a newsfeed full of boring (we use that word lightly, please don't hate us) companies.

It feels like everyone on LinkedIn is either complaining or congratulating themselves. Thursday Dating is that breath of fresh air. It's a company that does whatever the hell it wants when it wants, and people love it!

🦸Interns = the new influencer

An interesting tactic that's trending throughout social platforms like TikTok is the use of their interns as content creators for the brand.

Thursday Dating uses its interns to generate more relatable and organic content. They also foster employees' ideas, no matter how outlandish.

It gives the company a warm feel, which folks are more willing to follow and engage with.  

🙉 Tone deaf

Tone is absolutely everything. Companies/brands take years to develop a voice for themselves—this voice is used to structure brand identity. More often than not, brands develop the same voice that consumers have become tired of hearing.

Thursday Dating has overcome that by creating a cheeky and raw tone which stands in contrast to what you find throughout the marketing styles of other dating apps. Other dating apps talk about finding the love of your life in a more inspiring/serious tone.

Thursday isn't afraid to poke fun at the awkwardness of dating. They have a cool casualness about their approach that makes dating seem fun.

“If you don't find someone, try again next week.”

It would be intimidating to be Thursday Dating's competitor. Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble are frequently used throughout their ads as if there were a big dating app roast hosted by Thursday Dating.

Using the competition's names is a great way to capture the market. People on Hinge, Tinder, or Bumble are immediately curious when they see a Thursday ad.

Thursday Dating has found two things that everyone is willing to laugh at:

  • The downfalls of dating apps
  • The dating world itself

Using the same tone and tactics that have worked for competitors may not be the right fit for your company.

Thursday Dating is proof that marketing is evolving, entertaining ads are winning, and disrupting the norm is a great way to garner attention.

Have you tried any non-traditional marketing tactics? Reply to this email and let us know! 👋

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