Testing Mindset

July 22, 2020

Squeeze The Rag Until It’s Dry 🦴

Pilothouse co-founder, Kyle Hitchcox, shares this nugget on how and why to think about testing:

“It’s about micro changes along the whole funnel. It compounds. So if you can take your CPCs from $2 to $1, you doubled your conversion rate. Then you do that on your landing page, your cart page, your one-click upsells. Wherever you can, and it exponentially grows. You need to be squeezing this rag until it’s dry, and it’s not sunny out. And that’s how we’ve been able to smash stuff. It’s not just about the front end work. How can we break it and rebuild it?”

Want more? Have a listen to the All Killer No Filler episode on Quadrupling Conversion Rates.

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