Step-By-Step: How To Target ‘Google Clicker’ Audiences In Facebook

October 28, 2020

Step-By-Step: How To Target ‘Google Clicker’ Audiences In Facebook

We’re currently seeing strong results up and down the funnel by targeting ‘Google Clickers’ (i.e. traffic from Google Ads) on Facebook. 


This tactic has helped us get good control at the top of the funnel by targeting Google Clicker lookalikes, and strong conversions at the middle and bottom of funnel by targeting Google Clickers directly.


(BTW, this works with not only Google Ads, but any other paid traffic source, as well).


It’s very simple to set up these audiences. Here’s how you do it:

1. In Ads Manager, go to 'Audiences'

2. Click 'Create Audience' and then select 'Custom Audience'

Create a new custom audience by selecting the 'Website' source.

Click the dropdown and select 'People Who Visited Specific Webpages'

Select URL contains: and type in gclid


From here just name your audience and you can also go back to the past (30 - 180 days.) All it's doing is grouping people who've clicked through from a Google ad because their URL will have gclid in it.

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