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Schoolyard Snacks: Website Analysis

October 9, 2021

Schoolyard Snacks is a low carb, keto DTC cereal brand giving Magic Spoon and other cereal brands a run for their money. 

We analyzed their website with our good friends at Oddit which provides simple, to-the-point website audits for direct-to-consumer brands wanting to boost conversion. 

...psst, apply these tips to your own site. 😎

Let’s dive in: 

Don't get too cute or clever with button copy, but if there's a chance for your calls to action to help sell your product & add clarity, then take it.

Example 👇

Help upsell your customers to higher AOV by clearly highlighting offers or the best value.

This is especially important since the “Add to Cart” details take up so much vertical height that the product price isn't shown on most screen sizes while the user clicks through different bundles. 

Don't make people waste their time looking for valuable info. Make your pricing easily accessible.

Give users a clear action point to follow your social. 

The chances a user remembers to follow you on social media at later time is pretty low. 

Make it EASY with a button! 

The Add to Cart button is pushed too far down the page. 

Simplify above the fold info to help bump this higher up the page and reduce page scroll.

The Beta Tester callout can find a home elsewhere on the page & the size of flavor selector images can be reduced.

P.S: Their Add to Cart button would never advance past the "Loading stage". 

Test & retest that your core actions are working as intended.

It’s ALL about the customer so make sure your copy reflects that. 

It’s a small change but it matters..check it out 👇

f you want these kinds of tips for your own site, start your own Oddit for free and improvise your UX instantly!

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