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December 12, 2022

As marketers, we need to be exceptional communicators. This means communicating to as many generations as possible to convey the value we can bring to their lives. This isn’t easy, even on our best days. The ‘Zoomers’ or Gen Z are the youngest generation with the most potential spending power.

Having never known life without the internet, these folks are constantly looking for content to consume and ideas to share. Bloomberg claims that Zoomers have over $360B and are very intent on safekeeping that money for saving and investing. With that figure likely to increase, the key to communicating effectively with them is to speak clearly and truthfully.

Check out these 3 tips to reach Gen Z in a meaningful way:

  • Create channel-specific content: Gen Z prefers brands who know how to use social media as well as they do. Post your values and ideals on Instagram and keep it real on TikTok.
  • Be authentic: If you aren’t, Gen Z will be able to tell. Focus on the people behind the brand and how your products are made. In many cases, people will support a lifestyle or a vision rather than a corporate body.
  • Generate UGC: Publish hashtags and challenges on TikTok to encourage participation from your Gen Z audience. UGC supports your claims in ways that are simply not possible through your brand’s voice alone.

🤨 Why UGC?

Gen Z will fact-check and cross-reference almost everything they are told simply because they have the ability to. Hiding anything in fine print or omitted details from ads will not remain hidden for long. UGC is a safe way to start any new relationships positively and without raising difficult questions about your brand.

A report published by the National Retail Federation claims that 66% of Zoomers are loyal to their favorite brands long term. This means that if your brand can get through the initial stages of your relationship with Gen Z, you will have many opportunities for additional income through loyalty programs, referral discounts, and even more UGC content!

♟ Your move!

Here’s our #DTCChallenge: Generate a hashtag and a challenge that can be completed using your brand. The challenge doesn’t have to be hard but use this issue of DTC as your starting point to get some new customers on board. Be proud of your products and your consumers will get the vibe too.

Even if it’s not a hit, it’s okay! You will learn valuable insights from every participant in every challenge. Every brand needs to start somewhere and Gen Z is waiting.

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