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Q4 Tips: Facebook

October 2, 2021

Q4 is here and that means big growth. The Pilothouse team has you covered from every angle.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll share tips to ensure you’re prepped up for a killer Q4.

We’re kicking things off with Facebook. 🎉🎁

Tip 1: Increase prospecting budgets RIGHT NOW to build your retargeting and email audiences. Ad costs are going to start increasing parallel with buyer intent, leading up to the middle of December – before nose-diving again – so build audiences now to take advantage of that.

Tip 2: Get your email capture popping off with early bird savings for BFCM. If your flows for the holiday season aren’t already built, you’re losing money every day from here to the new year.

Tip 3: Get your offer calendar ready – be crystal clear on your exact plan, and ensure your buyers are working lockstep with your creatives on that plan.

Tip 4: Take all your winning creative from the last two years and add holiday season promos on top of them. Use what has worked already to save time.

Tip 5. Test your promo structures before BFCM (flash sales, Halloween, etc). The windows for each promo are small and frequent so make sure this is all done ahead of time.

Doing so will help put your best offers forward when peak buyer intent hits at BFCM.

Tip 6. Make sure your ad account payment methods are ready to handle more spend and have backup ready. Call your banks and have them increase limits if needed. Don’t get caught without the ability to spend if you need to.

Tip 7. People will likely be doing more retail shopping this year compared to last, so develop angles that incentivize shopping online.

For example, add "This deal is only available on our website!"

Tip 8. Cycle in new iterations of working ads and landing pages so that you’ve always got a new potential winner in the ranks. Avoid creative burnout!

🚨📦 Finally, here’s a new feature from Facebook to help you improve your Quality Score when shipping times are slow… which they likely are.

FYI: The higher your quality score, the less your traffic costs.

According to Facebook "The Feedback score provides an indication of the business's ability to set and meet customer expectations."

One of the main ways your feedback score is calculated is from post-purchase surveys.

As we enter the final quarter, supply chain and shipping times continue to be horrible.

Sometimes surveys are sent out before the customer receives the product which is NOT good because it can hurt your score.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Go into "Account Quality section"
  2. Choose the Facebook page promoting your ads
  3. Increase the time length for your post-purchase surveys to 8+ weeks (to account for crazy supply chain delays).

For our visual peeps 👇

We recommend checking the page score every month or so. If it dips below 2, your ads get a delivery penalty (higher CPMs or worse delivery).

We’ll be back next week with Q4 prep tips for Email, Google, Amazon, and more!

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