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Q4 – Customer Engagement

October 16, 2021

Q4 – Customer Engagement

We’re back with our final Q4 tips from the Pilothouse team. This time we’re covering User Generated Content

🔥 Let’s jump in: 

Create a guide: Put together a Q4-specific guide for your customer support team that addresses any questions or comments you know they may encounter during these crazy months. 

Look back on last year: Revisit comments and messages you received in Q4 2020 and include them in your guide. History repeats itself!

Test your site: Have someone who’s never been on your site navigate it and make a purchase. 

Have them provide feedback on how easy or confusing the experience is. It sounds basic, but you might be missing something obvious that’s taking a lot of time from the support team.  

Clean the comments: Address any unanswered comments, hide anything you don’t want to appear, and pin key comments to the top of the feed. 

Tracking: Key areas to keep an eye on during the madness. Make adjustments if needed. 

  1. Current volume of tickets.
  2. Sentiment analysis.
  3. Trends in tickets.
  4. Average response time.
  5. Engagement rate. 

Ask your team: Talk to your team and understand where the inefficiencies lie BEFORE things start to get crazy.  

Thanks to the Pilothouse team for the tips! 

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