Promotional Strategies - Fathers day tips from the Pilothouse Facebook and Creative Team

June 16, 2021

Father’s Day tips from the Pilothouse Facebook and Creative team

👩‍👧 Target parents – Our team has seen success on Father’s Day campaigns targeting women with young kids under three.

With children too young to buy Father’s Day gifts for their parents, it's often partners who purchase gifts for their significant other.

This could also work for empty nesters!

Most of the campaigns Pilothouse ran last year for Father’s Day saw the bulk of purchases coming from people in their 30s or 40s, likely buying for themselves or their partners.

✅ Be consistent – If you run a Father’s Day campaign at the ad level but not on the landing page level, you’ll lose the sense of urgency, and customers will bounce off your page.

Your ad should scream urgency, and that same messaging should continue onto the landing page.

🚀 Match your promo code to the campaign – If you’re just running one promo code, match your promotion to increase sense of urgency.

If you’re running a promotion for Father’s Day, your code can’t be "WELCOME10" – consumers are smarter than that and know they can use it any time.

"FATHERSDAY10" is far stronger and indicates a brief window of availability for that code.

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