Peak Design vs. Amazon Basics: A DTC David & Goliath

March 13, 2021

What would you do if/when Amazon rips off your product design? 🥴

You could take it on the chin, OR you could follow Peak Design’s lead and call Amazon the f*ck out while presenting a case for why consumers should purchase YOUR product. 

It appears that Peak Design’s popular $99.95 “Everyday Sling” has a copycat product in Amazon’s $32.99 AmazonBasics Camera Bag (it was even called “Everyday Sling” until the video hit). 

The two products appear almost identical at face value, but Peak Design went to YouTube to outline what makes their product different (and worth the significantly higher price point). 

Peak Design’s video “A Tale of Two Slings: Peak Design and Amazon Basics” outlines how their high-quality carbon-neutral product took years of research and is made with eco-friendly materials by fairly paid employees (all of which are assuredly not the case with the Amazon knockoff).

Their video ends with, “So if you’re tired of supporting companies who innovate, and just not willing to pay for responsibly made products – DON’T! The “Everyday Sling” by Peak Design and AmazonBasics – whichever one you buy, you’ll get exactly what you paid for.” 

Hell hath no fury like a DTC brand ripped off by a mega-corporation. 🔥

Gotta give the Peak Design team credit for this top-notch strategy. The video currently is sitting at over 4.5 million views and positions the brand as a feel-good alternative to Amazon.

Do you know these guys? If so, let ’em know we’d love to have them on the podcast! 

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