Optimize Your Listing Before Scaling Advertising

June 2, 2021


Optimize Your Listing Before Scaling Advertising

It’s only natural to want to see immediate results.

However, the Pilothouse Amazon team said it’s essential to dial-in your listing before sending traffic to it

There's 2 big reasons for this:

  1. Sending people to a page that isn’t optimized for conversion and ranking can waste lots of money
  2. Sending traffic to a listing that won't convert will hurt your relevance for every search term sent there.

Your Cost Per Click will rise, and your ads will be shown to less shoppers, especially Sponsored Brand ads (including video). 😵

Before scaling up your advertising, especially on more competitive, higher search volume keywords, make sure the title, bullets, backend search terms, listing images, and A+ content are dialed in.

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