Must-haves on every DTC homepage

January 5, 2022

You’ve heard it a million times.  

Your homepage is your digital storefront. It’s the first impression of your brand.

The homepage is one of your most significant customer digital touchpoints, and it’s integral to the success of your brand.

What you need to make your homepage shine.

🌄 A killer headline and complementary header image:

Customers shouldn’t have to do more than take a quick glance at your site to understand what you sell.

Most website visitors will give you ~15 seconds of their attention.  

You’re in a race with the human attention span and you need to swiftly show your visitors who you are and how to get to your product pages in seconds.

Write a short, descriptive headline and include a header image that does most of the talking.

Here’s another outstanding example from IPSY.

Oh! One glance and you know IPSY sends curated beauty boxes based on personal preferences.

And here’s one more example from Recess for good measure.

So, you’re saying if you drink Recess, you’ll feel chill? We bet it has hemp in it (it does).

🎞 Explainer animation or video:

Let’s face it.

There are some products that we might not know we need until we see how they work.

If you want to sell an audience on Full Tilt ski boots, for example, show them why your boots are the best (the pic below is a video).

Here’s another nice example from the tech device brand, Native Union.

The brand includes a short 4-step animation that shows how its product works.

If your product is difficult to understand or if your audience would benefit from instruction – slap a video right on your home page.

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