Last week Amazon released a BIG update for advertisers.

April 21, 2021

Last week Amazon released a BIG update for advertisers.

The Pilothouse team is stoked! Let’s break it down. 👇

There are three types of ads on Amazon: sponsored product, sponsored brand, and sponsored display ads.  

With this update, Sponsored display ads now have the ability to reach additional audiences like never before. 🙌 

This is the first time advertisers will have the ability to target based on Amazon’s data without going through the company's display network (DSP). 

Advantages of this update: 

  • Registered advertisers can now segment at extremely granular levels, similar to Facebook (i.e. Jeep owners, iPhone users, Shoppers at Wholefoods, New parents, etc). 
  • The change makes it easier for smaller advertisers to access TONS of new audiences & segments. 
  • The update will assist TOF (top of funnel) ads and increase brands’ awareness levels.

“If you were already running Amazon’s display network, this isn’t as big of a deal, but for smaller accounts and testing purposes, having access to these audiences is big,” says Rob Russell, head of Amazon at Pilothouse. 

Utilizing Data from other platforms: 

With this update, targeting on Amazon becomes similar to Facebook and Google. 

The Pilothouse Amazon team is taking the best performing angles, audiences, and interest sets from Facebook and Google to build similar sets on Amazon. 

From there, they’re building headlines that match that particular angle/audience. 

Be Aware: You can’t stack segments. 

For example,“Jeep owners who recently had a child” isn’t possible. 

It’s either “Jeep owners” OR “New parents” but not both 😔 

“You can change bids for each one individually, but you can’t combine them,” says Senior Amazon Media buyer Clifford Donovan.

We expect Amazon to grant buyers this ability at some point in the future, but for now it’s a no-go.  

We’ll keep you updated on these changes, but as always, TEST, TEST, AND more TESTS 

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