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Is Your DTC Brand Using Live Shopping?

May 23, 2022

Ashley Cummings

Contributing Writer

Since its conception in 2016, livestream shopping has already produced unbelievable results.

Alibaba’s platform, Taobao Live, currently has more than 40 million followers. And, on Single’s Day (the anti-Valentines day) 2021, the marketplace saw $7.5 billion in sales within the first 30 minutes. 🤯

The growth doesn’t stop there. The sales for this year’s Single’s Day event represented a 400% increase over the year before.

While livestreams are already a big part of day-to-day shopping in China, it’s also the future of shopping around the world.

Research from Influencer Marketing Hub shows live shopping will play a massive role in social commerce, especially as more platforms prioritize livestream shopping.

And, 26% of marketing leaders are investing in livestreaming retail. This number is expected to grow to 52% over the next 12 to 18 months.

DTC brands take note. Livestream shopping will become part of your marketing strategy in the coming months. Here’s how to build a successful livestream shopping event.

👥 Build an audience

The success of any livestream shopping event depends on how many audience members show up. The more people who attend your live shopping event, the more opportunities you have to make sales. 🤑

Before you plan a live event, focus on building your social audience across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Get people excited about your product!

It’s also critical to grow your audience on platforms you own. Grow your email list, make your website a hub where your followers can interact, and consider building an online community.

Once you have a robust audience, you start announcing your upcoming shopping events across your most engaging channels.

✌️ Build a pattern of two-way communication

The fun of livestream shopping is that it’s interactive. Content publisher, Christoph Trappe, explains why he enjoys livestream shopping. “You ask questions about the products and the host can actually respond and show you.”

During a livestream shopping event, brands get to put their best foot forward and highlight awesome products with the help of influencers or team members. And, fans show up to watch live demonstrations, ask questions in real-time, throw out hearts, and (best of all) make purchases. 🛍️

While the two-way interaction of a livestream shopping event is exciting, you’ll likely experience more success if your audience is already used to interacting with your brand.

Use your social platforms and online communities to livestream other types of fun and relatable content (e.g., tutorials, demonstrations, Q&As, etc.) before you host your first event.

The more comfortable and curious your followers are, the more likely they are to show up and interact with your livestream!

🔥 Leverage the power of influencers

Influencer marketing is projected to reach $16.4 billion this year for a reason. People love influencers, follow them religiously, and trust their recommendations even more than they trust the recommendations of friends and family.

This is a huge win for brands that can find, and partner with, the right influencers for social advertising, branded content, and livestream shopping events.

Nordstrom does this well with its own, independent live shopping channel. But, the retailer also partners with the likes of Julee Wilson, Bobbie Thomas, Coco and Breezy, and more to host live shopping events.

Not only do followers get to attend a live shopping event, but they get to interact with fashionistas, brand creators, and notable industry executives. Double-down on the incentive of showing up! 👀

Providing an opportunity for consumers to interact in these events builds trust in a way static e-commerce cannot.

If you’re a DTC brand that hasn’t started thinking about live shopping (or it’s impact on the ecommerce space) it’s time to start!

Have you done a live shopping event before? Reply to this email and tell us your best tips and tricks!

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