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Is Your Brand Ready to Launch Your Q4 Deals With Confidence?

September 12, 2022

We’re back in action with our Q4 series designed to help your brand get ahead of the curve. 💥

This week on All Killer No Filler, we asked a meticulous Meta team , ‘What are the most effective ways brands can build their lists this year?

👀 What should you be thinking about list building in Q4?

Cost of advertising goes up in Q4 and the holiday season. If you build your lists now, get potential shoppers off platform, and convert them for free later, you’ll be a step ahead of competitors.

🧐 Now’s not the time to be vague

Many brands are simply asking ad viewers to sign up to their list to get deals. This leads to an influx of shoppers that sign up to thoooousands of brands and never actually buy anything. Lost ad dollars and no conversions.

The goal here is to be specific and provide additional extra value. Shoppers want to feel important, and getting them on your list is a big deal! Try offering a discount or free gift with purchase to improve the lifetime quality of those who sign up.

If you’re a brand that has the ability to do product drops (ideally throughout the whole year), build hype campaigns and run purchase-objective lead campaigns. You’ll make revenue for your product drop and also have a massively valuable list when Q4 rolls around.

💅 The influential influencers

If you work with influencers for your brand, have them push your list in Q4! Again, ask them to be specific. Talk about how good the discounts and/or the offers are going to be!

If you have the ability to flex whitelisting and dark posting, utilize it!

🌟 VIP? Yeah you know me

Tis the season of early access and VIP sign-ups. Shoppers love exclusivity, and a simple page with a hero image offering Black Friday early access could be your key to success.

Offer shoppers:

  • Deals a few days early
  • Secured stock so they’re not chasing sold out products

The beauty of a VIP list? When offering early, brands have the ability to essentially test their Black Friday sale before the big day actually happens. You’ll have data on language, headlines, and what ads/images resonate with your audience.

For more on (1) building successful campaigns, (2) testing offers and using previous learnings, (3) differentiating your brand, (4) choosing which products to put on sale, and (5) the importance of working with creators, check out the full pod here! 🚀

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