How To Use The Word ‘You’ In Facebook Ads (without getting disapprovals)

July 22, 2020

How To Use The Word ‘You’ In Facebook Ads (without getting disapprovals)

We recently witnessed a mini quarrel between an OG direct response copywriter and the Facebook Compliance ‘Police’.

The OG copywriter had this tip to share about using the word ‘you’ in Facebook ad copy:

“Hey guys and gals, when you're writing your FB ads use "you" or "your" in the copy wherever you can. "You" is the most powerful word in” advertising. It speaks to your prospect in a more personal way. 👍

To which FB Compliance Police retorted:

“Don't do this - flags compliance. Find ways to avoid using those two words specifically.”

So we did some digging to find a guideline that acts as the happy medium.

(Afterall, the word ‘you’ IS powerful)

How to Use ‘You’ Compliantly 👉 Ask yourself if you’re suggesting that someone’s life is deficient, insufficient or negative.

If no, use it. If yes, don’t use it.


“We wanted you to read this article on how 1000's of Americans are improving their confidence with...” ✅

“You can improve your confidence with...” ❌

(The latter example suggests that the reader isn’t confident and the ad will likely be rejected).

And there’s never any harm in, you guessed it, testing (ABT).

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