How to Refresh and Recycle Old Creative Using CGC

December 7, 2022

The milk in your fridge, old eggs you forgot in the back corner, and the questionable chicken from you can’t even remember how many dinners ago can’t be saved.

But ad creatives that once crushed and have since become stale? These can absolutely be saved.

If you’ve got some content, maybe product-centric videos that could use a personal element or killer Black Friday content that you wish was evergreen, it’s time to give it a facelift!

🤳 You can fix those problems and more using Creator Generated Content (CGC). Here’s what the Pilothouse Studios team suggests:

1️⃣ Use the green-screen effect

The Green Screen Effect is one of TikTok’s most popular filters. It allows content creators to add images (or videos) in the background of their content while they speak to the camera.

Here’s how it can help refresh your creative:

A product-centric video strategically plays in the background while the content creator uses the Green Screen Effect to offer viewers an engaging and authentic perspective.

Hot tip: Extract the creator’s voice-over and reuse it as the audio for another video in your inventory next.

Data: The Pilothouse Studios team tested this format and found that women selling products directly to women is more effective than women selling products to women buying for their significant other. Why? The more specific your angle is, the smaller audience subset your message will be relatable to!

2️⃣ Angle swap

Black Friday Sale CGC is crucial… but what do you do with it afterward?!

Use the body of the video where the creator is sharing product benefits and testimonials, but pair it with a new, ever-green introduction that doesn’t mention your sale.

If you’re looking for holiday-specific content, add a hook specific to the occasion and include any relevant holiday promotions!

Hot tip: The next time you’re sourcing CGC for a sale, plan ahead and request two intros and CTAs from your creator.

🧠 Bonus thoughts:

Reaction videos are a powerful tool that can refresh almost any past creative! Have a creator react to one of your brand’s previously filmed CGC videos or ads — just make sure they are authentic and expressive!

💡Hook ideas for your Next Reaction Video:

  • “This is the video that convinced me to try ___”
  • “I cannot believe the results this lady had by using ____”
  • “So many people are talking about this video. Today I’m having a look…”

Pilothouse Studios wants to know if CGC is part of your marketing roadmap and what CGC hacks work best for your brand. Reply to this email and let us know!

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