Facebook – Dark Posting

October 20, 2021

While branded ads are AWESOME, the Pilothouse Facebook team has seen big success with dark posting. 

First… What is dark posting?

1️⃣ Dark posting is running paid ads out of an influencer's Facebook and/or Instagram profile – these don’t show up on their (the influencer’s) timeline or profile – just as ads!

2️⃣ Whitelisting leverages a post created by the influencer for the specific product (meaning it lives on their profile or timeline).

You picking up what we’re laying down? 😎

Why we’re fans of dark posting: 

It leverages the kind of social proof via paid ads to provide opportunities to show different perspectives in your funnel.

It also gives your media buying team more ammunition or what we call “levers” to pull when scaling.  

Benefits of dark posting: 

✅ If you’re seeing high engagement with branded ads at top-of-funnel but your conversion rate is looking lackluster, take the next step to convert those users with a custom influencer promo code!

✅ Dark post ads are a great way to create affiliate partnerships with influencers (and it’s a scalable strategy for brands who want to build an influencer network!)

Give them a discount code and a small percent of each sale where the code is used! 

This incentivizes them to create performance-driven creative, and since it’s a dark post, followers won’t see the sales-heavy content. 

✅ Dark posting (and any influencer ad) allows you to add first person narrative into your mix of ad styles. 

Again, this goes a long way for driving social proof.

FINAL NOTE: Some of Pilothouse’s brands see as much as 40–50% of their paid spend at profitable scale coming from dark posting. 

It’s NO joke.

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