Even the big boys like American Express can improve their copywriting.

July 7, 2021

Copy Tips

Even the big boys like American Express can improve their copywriting. 

The Pilothouse creative team broke down one of their ads and offered a killer new headline. 🚀 

What we like about it:

  • The layout is clean – it presents the product clearly and effectively.
  • It uses numbers in the copy to increase credibility (spend this much, get this much).

What we would change about it:

There’s nothing “gripping” about this offer. It doesn’t make you jump out of your seat and apply for an Amex card. 

People make decisions based on emotion, not logic. Highlight the benefits of owning this credit card. 

How does this fit into people’s lives? Why should they care?

Instant rebates – Highlight the opportunity for customers to put money back in their pocket when they spend “x” amount. 

Greater Flexibility – People get credit cards to increase their flexibility. 

They want to buy now and pay later – trips, dinners, furniture, etc. – these are all luxuries that come with owning an Amex.

Suggested copy: 

 H1: “Earn while you spend” 


H2: “AMEX – The intelligent way to shop” 

SubHead:  “Why not earn when you spend? Amex makes earning cash back simple.” 

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