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Email Strategy - List Hygiene

May 25, 2021

🤫 A secret rule of email: Don’t waste energy on people who aren’t engaging with your brand.

Many brands assume that a huge subscriber list is the key indicator of success when it comes to email.

Not true!

You’re in a much better spot with 1,000 people who love your brand and click everything than with a 100,000-person list of people who never open anything.

Treat the people on your list like they deserve to be there, and set a standard for engagement with your audience.

✅ Engagement Rules:  

These determine how often a subscriber needs to engage with your email in order to not be kicked off the list.  

The more emails a brand sends, the tighter the engagement window should be.

For example, if you’re sending content three or four times a week, you’ll need to tighten your window of engagement.

If users don’t engage in twenty sends over three weeks, they’re just not into you.

Time to part ways.

We recommend leaning towards the ruthless side of engagement rules. Set restrictions really tight, and then loosen them up as needed.

You may not get your parameters right the first time, so be super observant in your first few days of implementation, and tweak as needed.

For example, at DTC we started with a two-week engagement parameter, and then decided to loosen it up based on feedback!

When determining what engagement timeline makes sense to trigger your disengagement sequence, consider the lifecycle of your product and how long you hold value in your audience for.

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