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Email Best Practices Leading Up To Black Friday

August 19, 2020

Email Best Practices Leading Up To Black Friday

As part of our commitment to make this year your best Black Friday season yet, we asked Pilothouse’s head of email marketing Julien Normand what his best practices are in preparation for Black Friday:

  • Build Hype Early ➡️ Run ad and email campaigns AT LEAST 1.5 months prior to tease with best sellers and trending items.
  • Email Your “VIP” List ➡️ Segment out top grossing purchasers or heavy repeat purchasers about getting an exclusive discount or early access before inventory disappears (be sure to deliver on this promise). Don’t have a VIP list? Now’s a great time to build one 😉
  • Launch To General Audience ➡️ STOP ALL split testing and use what’s worked in previous quarters. Time to double down 😈
  • Closing Hammer ➡️ Before the closing moments, hammer down on social proof, testimonials, ugc, etc. Whatever you’ve got, use it! Now’s the time to hit ‘em hard with using urgency and scarcity (bonus if you can throw in some curiosity).
  • Cheeky “Missed Out?” Sale Option ➡️ Segment out non-purchasers for a "missed out?” sale to mop up those "too-busy" and “on-the-fence” lost opportunities.

Remember, now’s the time to be in the thick of Black Friday planning. Get ahead of it early!

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