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Double Down Part 2

December 15, 2021

2022 Planning – Part 2

What the best DTC brands are focusing on next year

🦷 Siobhan Nolan: VP Marketing at Spotlight Oral Care. The best oral health products created by dentists to educate on, promote, and customize preventative oral care. 

We’re doubling down on affiliate marketing next year. 

We have incredible brand loyalty and it's a great way to reward those loyal followers for their word of mouth. We see not only a high conversion value in this channel, but also a higher average order value than paid digital channels. 

We’ll also be focusing on improving our content and UX, as education and overall customer experience are really important to us as a brand. 

🚽 Thomas Lotrecchiano: Co-founder at Omigo. Ditch toilet paper for good, start washing with Omigo.

Omigo is going to doubling down on a few things:

1) SKU count, so keep an eye peeled for more butt related products.

2) The quantity and quality of our on-site information for the first time bidet buyer.

💄 Lillie Sun: Growth + DTC for Three Ships Beauty. Beauty products that are effective, natural, and affordable.

Growth for us in 2021 was such an important KPI for us. The biggest tool that helped us grow our brand is increasing customer AOV – getting customers to buy more products with each order. 

Within skincare, routine is everything. This year, we invested in:

  • Building a skin quiz.
  • Adding more relevant upsell features to our new website.
  • Educating on routines for different skin types/concerns on social media. 

All these elements led to customers checking out with 3–4 products in cart, instead of just one or two. 

We'll definitely be doubling down on this in 2022 and find more ways to improve the customer journey through education and routine building! 

🤵‍♂️ Kristen Jones: Director of marketing at SuitShop. Stylish suits and tuxedos you will own for less than the cost of a rental.

One thing we did this year, that I am looking to double down on in 2022, is working to produce consistent content by partnering with creators and whitelisting through their pages. 

In 2022 we did this sparingly, but were able to test with two rockstar creators. 

They created consistent ad assets that we could then choose to use in our ad account coming from SuitShop or their personal brand pages.

Having the extra layer of credibility from their page helped to see results across our ad account (with more than 20x ROAS in some cases). Can't wait to see what we're able to produce with influential names in the menswear space in 2022. 

🤰 Paul Singh: Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Bump Health. A monthly subscription service that curates products promoting a healthy and fun pregnancy, all tailored to your due date.

Email & SMS.

Email, for us, has always been a Top 3 contributor of transactions and, in 2021, we saw SMS performance rise to nearly the same levels. Heading into 2022, we're going to double down on both of these... Hard. 

For us to continue our four-year streak of doubling revenues (profitably), these two channels need to get more time and attention: 

I'm aggressively recruiting talent with the experience to lead our strategy, and we'll build a team around that person to drive the execution.

There's a ton of low-hanging fruit in terms of personalization and segmentation that we'll explore in 2022.

🌎 Matt Kennedy: Co-Founder & CEO at Fussy. Making living sustainably part of your morning routine. Starting with deodorant.

Focussing on PR and earned media worked really well for us this year, but it can be hard to scale and unpredictable. 

And what worked this year probably won’t work next since things change quickly. So we’ll be doubling down and continuing to fuss over our two best acquisition channels. Our product and our customer. 

At the end of day, get those two right and the rest become a hell of a lot easier.

🚀 Pilothouse team: Email 

On the email team, they’re planning to:  

1. Build early access lists even more. Some of their VIP launches outsold BFCM promo days.

2. Fine-tune flow and opt-in changes for pre/during BFCM to maximize available revenue and relevant messaging.

3. SMS, SMS, SMS. The timeliness of the platform's message delivery, and the reduced clutter compared to inboxes, was key in smashing revenue goals for this year's BCFM. 

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