“Day trade” approach VS “Let it breathe” approach

September 15, 2021

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“Day trade” approach VS “Let it breathe” approach

As much as we’d love to see all ads, ad sets and campaigns perform equally all the time, this isn’t often the case and performance changes day to day based on a multitude of factors such as…

Are most of your ads being shown to a cold TOF audience? Is it a peak shopping day of the week, etc. 

Two approaches to consider: 

1️⃣ Day Trade = using your hierarchy of performance signals to understand whether now’s the time to run those ads, or if tomorrow might be better.

2️⃣ Let it Breathe = leaving the ads you start everyday with live all the time.

The day trade approach often lends itself to improved efficiency if based on data signals you’re confident in 

🚀 A tip the Pilothouse team is seeing success with: 

In the morning, consider front-end signals like cost per add to cart of a campaign VS. the average across all campaigns. 

If it’s low, consider pausing if that + other signals don’t show it will improve. In the afternoon, consider incrementally increasing your budget or pausing based on your purchases.

Remember to consider the following: 🔥

  • What time of day do you notice the strongest conversion rates?
  • What is the consideration time of your product?
  • What early signals (factored against your AOV) are you most confident in as performance indicators? 

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