Creating A Scroll Stopping Hero Image

June 22, 2022

Rebecca Knight

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…but for the G.O.A.T marketing agency, a picture is worth doubling your click-through rate (CTR). 🤯

Images can make or break your Amazon selling experience. Your hero image has some heavy lifting to do. It should:

  • Showcase your product
  • Stand out in search results
  • Drive enough interest to get the initial click

Simple enough? Your competitors think so too. Creating a hero image to fuel your Amazon growth, and stand out from the competition is no easy feat. So the question is how do you do this… and how do you measure the impact?

⚖️ Measuring the impact

Before you start optimizing or making decisions about what works on your hero image, develop a plan to measure the impact. Without a measurement plan, you’re just making assumptions. 🤷‍♀️

To measure the impact of your hero image you can do one of two things:

1️⃣ Use the Amazon A/B testing feature to setup a test.

2️⃣ Monitor CTR on your ads, sessions, and the conversion rate of your listings.

If Amazon A/B testing is available to you, use it! It creates a true split test with the data to make informed decisions. If the A/B feature isn’t an option, go down route 2!

🖼️ What makes a great hero image?

This part looks a bit different for every industry! You want to stand out in a sea of competition, so the grab your magnifying glass and get ready to spy.

To start sleuthing, search your top keywords and check out the results.


  • Are all the products the same/similar color?
  • Are they all in a particular orientation?
  • Do they all include a certain accessory?
  • Do they take up the entire square?
  • Are they pure product shot or lifestyle?
  • Is there packaging included?

At this point, you’ve probably noticed a few trends. Deviate, be different, and stand out!

The goal is to catch the consumers’ eye. Something as simple as the orientation or angle change of a product shot could be your winning metric. Adding pops of color is another great way to do this (if all the competition isn't already).

Does your hero image visually show scrollers your unique selling point i.e. product features, accessories, key active ingredients, size, etc.? If not, ask yourself how you can showcase more value to earn those clicks and show shoppers why your product is superior. 🔥

This exercise should bump up your CTR and conversion rate, but remember… test everything because data is king. 👑

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