🧠 Can A ‘Thinking Tool’ Accelerate Your Brand?

September 30, 2020

🧠 Can A ‘Thinking Tool’ Accelerate Your Brand?

We usually keep things tactical and actionable, but ‘thinking tools’ can sometimes be powerful enough to spur action:

Inversion Thinking 

This is exactly what it sounds like: instead of planning for what you DO want, try planning for what you DON’T want. This will not only help you conjure unique solutions, it will also help you form mental barriers that prevent you from going where you don’t want to go.

Another way to think of this: how can you do the complete opposite of everyone else?

Idea Meritocracy 

In his book, Principles, Ray Dalio says the ‘believability-weighted’ idea meritocracy is the best system for making organizational decisions.

He defines idea meritocracy as “a system that brings together smart, independent thinkers and has them productively disagree to come up with the best possible collective thinking and resolve their disagreements in a believability-weighted way.”

(BTW believability-weighted = someone who has proven results / credibility.)

Does your organization use an idea meritocracy -- where productive disagreements are actively encouraged?

How can you eat your customer’s ‘complexity’?

Where does complexity show up for your prospects and customers on the path to their goals? Can you use content, programs, subscriptions, partnerships, etc, to remove that complexity and radically simplify the path your customer is on?

(Bonus Points: Can you ALSO eat your competitor’s complexity?)

Quantum Leaps

How can your brand go from ‘linear’ to ‘non-linear’? We always hear about ‘exponential’ and ‘hockey stick’ growth, but how can that happen if you’re on a linear trajectory?

Brainstorm the ways your brand can take quantum leaps in the next three months. Example: could you acquire a competitor? How about a media asset? What would need to happen for you to triple your sales force? Etc.

Flywheel Systems

Our favourite example of a flywheel system is a toy car: you push it and the little thing just goes and goes -- far further than you’d expect relative to effort.

Here’s Amazon’s flywheel:

What does your brand’s flywheel look like?

👉 Speaking of Flywheel Systems, we’re introducing a way to take these ‘thinking tools’ and turn them into action with the DTC Flywheel Challenge. 

What It Is: A 4 day LIVE challenge to help you build your DTC Flywheel through influencer partnerships, white listing, dark posting, and building a brand ambassador program. You’ll look over the shoulder of expert practitioners and get your questions answered in real time.

Why You Should Sign Up: Based on the feedback we’ve received from over 450 DTC brands, this challenge is designed specifically to overcome your greatest pain points:

If you’d like early bird access to The DTC Flywheel Challenge, let us know.

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