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Brand Breakdown Part 3: Bombas (Website)

March 19, 2022

3 Examples of How to Turn Whitespace into Actionable Space

🔎 Let's start with the navbar

Visitors don’t always know what they’re looking for, so make sure to offer an alternate option to shopping the specifics, or even an action that prompts discovery!

Oddit’s  suggestions:

1️⃣ Use your extra whitespace in the desktop nav to offer access to the sock quiz! It’s a great way to give visitors a shopping experience while also providing education.

2️⃣ Make room in your primary navigation area by moving the account up into the top bar, as it’s a secondary action for most visitors.

3️⃣ As an additional clean-up, keep your brag bar focused. We suggest targeting your shipping offer as it’s an important part of increasing your AOV!

🛒 On to the empty cart

It’s not enough to surface links in your empty cart—make visitors feel taken care of. Make it a part of the brand experience.

Oddit’s  suggestions:

1️⃣ Add some brand voice by pulling in some secondary copy.

2️⃣ Rather than just surfacing action buttons, pull in some visuals to allow the empty cart to feel like a branded experience rather than a dead-end.

3️⃣ Insert simpler buttons near the bottom where they can be quickly accessed, and make sure they are full-width!

4️⃣ Surface your shipping offer again, just in case the visitor missed it.

🤑 AOV to the moon

Offering products in multiples is the simplest way to upsell because the visitor is clearly already interested in the product. Use your cart as an opportunity to upsell and increase that AOV!

Oddit’s  suggestions:

1️⃣ Pull in a card surfacing the 6-pack version of the same product, and tell visitors what they get by upgrading. We suggest testing it with the ‘additional’ cost vs the 6-pack cost!

2️⃣ Reiterate the shipping offer where it’s most relevant—between the checkout button and continue shopping.

3️⃣ If a piece of text is a link, make sure it looks like one. At the very least, underline ‘continue shopping’.

Two Unique Locations to Utilize Your Social Proof

⭐️ The proof is in the pudding

There are always going to be areas of your site that feel lacking or lifeless – there’s no reason these areas can be utilized to build trust and excite visitors!

Oddit’s  suggestions:

1️⃣ Reorganize your secondary actions to open up a little more vertical space.

2️⃣ Pull in a piece of social proof. This could be a positive user review (or at least a punchy snippet from it), or a positive press piece.

3️⃣ Give users the explorative action as you did in the desktop navigation, and ensure it’s at the bottom of the navigation where it’s most accessible.

🚀 Reviews + Discounts = $$$

Sometimes it’s difficult to describe your product simply in a single sentence or to select the one or two key traits you really want to feature.

Your customer reviews are a great place to find little diamonds of content that you can use without feeling like you’re bragging!

Oddit’s  suggestions:

1️⃣ Open up a small amount of space and insert a simple, punchy customer review. This shows users that others love you, and does a great job of describing what makes your product great.

2️⃣ Don’t forget to use your ‘Add to Cart’ button as a point of communication. Pull in the % savings to help seal the deal.

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