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Brand Breakdown Part 1: Mejuri (Facebook Ads)

July 16, 2022

Jordan Gillis

All that glitters is gold. Let’s start mining these ads! 👇

1️⃣ You get a star, you get a star!

✨The gold nuggets:

Quick game of would you rather… Would you rather have 49 five-star reviews or 20,000 4.5 star reviews?

Mejuri didn’t need to choose with “over 20,000 five-star reviews''! Strong social proof like this had us rushing to their website to see what the hype was about.

Not to mention, having reviews on your ads is a fantastic way to highlight consumer satisfaction! ⭐️

We’re loving the use of off-white for the background. It’s easy on the eyes and differentiates from other ads you may be used to seeing in your feed. Brands are shifting to softer background colors, so we think this one is a great move!

The headline combined with the 5-star reviews is sure to draw viewers in. Also… We love croissants. This ad gets a oui oui from us.

💡 Pro tips from Pilothouse:

Now this ad may have received the Pilothouse oui oui, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few tweaks we would suggest.

The placement of the text and use of space in the image feels a tad off. There’s a lot of unused space in the creative.

We would suggest enlarging both the product image and the text. Better use of space makes it much easier to capture the eyes of scrollers and boost that click-through-rate (CTR)!

2️⃣ UGC: U gotta (buy this) chain

The gold nuggets:

  • This creative is stunning – this is something we’d expect to see when scrolling a highly-curated Instagram feed.
  • The use of UGC is a great way to connect with Mejuri’s target audience.
  • The copy is clever. We're in a forever-growing self-love movement and the “Fine jewelry for your damn self” definitely fits that bill.
  • This type of content is great for repurposing. It’s aesthetically pleasing enough to be used as an Instagram post and packs enough punch to be a Facebook ad!

💡 Pro tips from Pilothouse:  

The ad headline is very branded. In this case, the text provided below was stronger and would be best paired with the creative.

Also, using few but larger, more quality hashtags can help Mejuri’s search potential and more eyes on their ads!

3️⃣ We can’t keep our eyes off of you

Gold nuggets

  • The hook, well… Has got us hooked. It’s STRONG. This ad drives home that jewelry, a product that can seem high-cost and less approachable, can be affordable and accessible with Mejuri.
  • The design elements of this creative are very eye-catching and the text pop-ups direct viewers where to look on the screen!
  • Sustainability is at the top of many shoppers’ minds. Mejuri emphasizes that their products are made with recycled materials and are long-lasting pieces. No fast-fashion shopping on their website.

💡 Pro tips from Pilothouse:  

(Quick PSA) – We are by no means “fashionistas.” Some of the lingoes flew directly over our heads. If we have to Urban Dictionary search the word, it ain’t it…

The headline is very clever, but the base text “foundational spring styles” doesn’t really call the consumer to buy the product – it just makes us wonder what “foundational” means.

As much as you want to market to your targeted audience, jewelry is something that is usually a gift… And maybe that audience isn’t fully educated on the ol’ fashion lingo.

We’d recommend a scarcity headline (if on brand). It could be a much better use of that expensive headline real estate to draw the consumer into ordering the product.

4️⃣ The ‘C’ is amouflaged

Gold nuggets:

  • We really like the use of pointing to the necklace combined with the text overlay – it keeps the consumer attentive and minimizes distractions.
  • The mix of close up and lifestyle in this ad is stellar.

💡 Pro tips from Pilothouse :

We love this one! It’s a perfect showcase of the product itself and the product in action. No notes. Well played, Mejuri. 👏

5️⃣ Runway ready

Gold nuggets

  • The ‘shop the look worn by this model who’s famous’ angle can work greatly. Even if scrollers weren’t familiar with Mejuri, they may stop the scroll just because they’ve seen a familiar face.
  • The creative is cool, it highlights the brand’s recent campaign about sustainability, while also featuring affiliates who are sporting their jewelry.

💡 Pro tips from Pilothouse :

If you’re not a jewelry buff, you may not know what a “golden stack” is. There may be a better way to highlight to a broader audience exactly what they mean.

Additionally, the way the images are cropped or zoomed in makes it hard to see the bling. The use of close-ups would be hyper-valuable here.

6️⃣ Hear us out on this one

Gold nuggets:

The perfect Ad does not exi…Okay so we loved this ad. Here’s why:

  • The product in this ad is beautifully positioned between a very clear call to action (CTA) and the brand name. It creates a direct response for viewers. This is the brand, this is the product, this is what I’ll get if I buy it. Brilliant!
  • The CTA is great – it indicates the need for a sense of urgency and pushes the consumer to buy one now before the “HOT” product flies directly off the shelves.

💡 Pro tips from Pilothouse :

We’d be interested in testing this format with a few more products as well and with a strong landing page behind it to dive deeper into some of these elements.

The creative complements well with the copy, but it would be interesting to test and see – if this ad isn’t performing well (which we highly doubt) – a different copy behind the creative.

7️⃣ Urgency is like yelling “FIRE” but without all the danger

Gold nuggets:

  • These last two ads feel like they’re showcasing the brand’s personality more. The ads feel much more accessible to a general audience.
  • The casual approach to the copy and creative here is very cool. I get to see multiple products in one quick look and feel a connection with the brand via this ad.

💡 Pro tips from Pilothouse :

As stated in the ad above, we love a sense of urgency. And when writing the return of best sellers, it's a great opportunity to enact a strong sense of urgency within an audience. A quick “get 'em before they’re gone” won’t hurt anybody.

👋 Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Mejuri Brand Breakdown – Email!

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