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Brand Breakdown Part 1: Colourpop (Facebook Ads)

May 9, 2022

Kelsey Hess

Contributing Writer

1️⃣ 9 Pan Palettes

What we like:

  • The short and sweet action-based copy draws you right in to take a closer look at the creative.
  • The combination of the low price point ($14) in the copy with the description of “Beauty that doesn’t break the bank” helps to make the product accessible to a broad audience with varying discretionary spending budgets.
  • The image showcases a large variety of colors, which is another way to capture a large audience and optimize conversion rates.

💡 Areas of opportunity:

The CTA copy of “Learn more” could be more conversion-focused here, since the product is at such a low price point that’s already been disclosed. It would be interesting to see conversion rates of a CTA like “Shop Now” or the less common, yet highly effective “Get Offer.”

2️⃣ ColourPop Collection

What we like:

  • A well-composed image that shows a variety of products. We’d run this one to a top-selling page!
  • Copy is focused on the low price point and how the consumer can get more for their money, which is always a win.

💡 Areas of opportunity:

Showcasing a low price point can be effective, but ColourPop may want to focus on the quality aspect, too. Making it clear that their products are high-quality AND affordable can be a game-changer for conversion rates.

It may also be worth adding a border or a badge to this image to make it stand out more. The colors are all in a similar palette, which can cause it to blend together and be easy to scroll past in the feed.

3️⃣ Join the Dark Side

What we like:

  • Partnering with a big name like Star Wars adds a huge element of credibility to the brand.
  • The sneaky mention of an entire Star Wars collection line is a great way to potentially increase AOV on conversions!
  • “Come join the Dark Side” is a killer headline.

💡 Areas of opportunity:

We see lots of UGC potential with this campaign! ColourPop could even make this image the thumbnail and use UGC of someone using/wearing the product as the featured image to better showcase the end result.

4️⃣ Pretty Fresh Pressed Powder (Say That 5 Times Fast)

What we like:

  • Emoji benefits list.
  • You can’t see it here, but the video goes on to show a side-by-side comparison of one half of the face powdered, one half sans makeup. Such an effective strategy for this product!
  • Great headline that illustrates how inclusive the product is – immediately answers the question of “is this right for me?”

💡 Areas of opportunity:

The opening line of the copy is clever but definitely a tongue-twister that may lead to more confusion. 😕 It could help to separate each sentence on its own line or come up with a different hook with less alliteration!

Hiding a bit of the benefits list after “see more” could also be something to test, and it may encourage clicking and more engagement with the ad. They could also add a CTA at the end of the copy for a powerful punch.

5️⃣ Custom ColourPop Palette

What we like:

  • Colorful emoji train FTW. Immediately catches your eye and draws it down towards the creative.  
  • “Back in stock” is a message that often performs really well for retargeting (try it for yourself!).  
  • The slideshow creative with text overlay is very well done here. Simple, punchy, and eye-catching.  

💡 Areas of opportunity:

It would be interesting to split-test adding in UGC images in the slideshow to better showcase the product IRL and how the colors look on different skin tones.

We’d also love to see some copy like “sold out in just a few days,” “limited supply,” or  “best-seller” to add more scarcity to the “back in stock” message and drive higher conversions.

6️⃣ Rock Candy Mega Palette

What we like:

  • This video goes on to create the entire eye look and finishes using ColourPop lipstick. All the details in this creative are powerful and well done.
  • Using the words “NEW” in ad copy is a great way to build a feeling of hype and excitement.
  • Solid use of emojis and strategic CAPS for emphasis.

💡 Areas of opportunity:

Oops…there’s a typo in the ad copy. Can you spot it? 👀

Besides that, focusing more on ColourPop’s biggest USP (what makes them different compared to other brands) could be a good strategy in this ad. For example, they could split-test, replacing the second paragraph with more USP-related copy to see what users respond to best.

7️⃣ 30 Shades of Glam

What we like:

  • “You ask, we deliver” is a great message for retargeting, as it shows the brand connection with customers. They could also test a similar message of “Our customers asked, and we delivered” for top-of-funnel ads.
  • Cool image, definitely getting the “glam” vibes here! Using an arm in the image also showcases how each of the makeup shades looks on skin.
  • No typo here, even though it’s the same copy! 😊

💡 Areas of opportunity:

Adding satisfaction guarantees or free shipping elements could be a valuable addition here as well. With lower-priced products, consumers sometimes run into the concern of shipping costs relative to the overall order (e.g., $7 shipping for a $5 eyeshadow), so it could help to address that objection up-front in the ad to boost conversion rates.

👋 Stay tuned for Part 2 of the ColourPop brand breakdown — email!

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