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September 25, 2021

Annie Wang

Contributing Writer

The Pilothouse Amazon team shared their BEST image listing tips that you must test.

Check’em out: 🤑

Listing images are the first point of contact. It’s essential to properly communicate your brand and develop trust ASAP.

Assume the customer hasn’t read the listing title or bullets (because let’s be honest, they probably haven’t).

🚨 The listing images should portray all the product’s selling features without relying on the other listing elements for support.

👉 Listing Image Tips:

1️⃣ All your images should follow your brand colors and themes, creating a seamless branded experience.

A majority of sellers have ZERO uniformity across each image.

2️⃣ Use eye-catching images with minimal, skimmable text. Don’t load up each image with text – you’ll lose the customer fast.

3️⃣ You’re allotted ten images – use that space! However, prioritize the first six images as those are featured. The customer must click through to access the rest.

4️⃣ Videos are highly encouraged. They’re a great way to guide people through the purchasing process and help further communicate your product and brand.

5️⃣ If your brand is lifestyle-focused, consider including lifestyle photos of people with your product.

Remember: For most categories, you aren’t allowed a lifestyle image on the FIRST listing image because you can’t include things that don’t come with the product.

6️⃣ For hero images, make sure it takes up as much of the square as possible otherwise you’ll have a lot unnecessary white space

7️⃣ If your product comes with accessories SHOW these in your photos! This can be seen as a value-add and lead to more conversions.

HOT TIP: Photoshop key selling points onto your images.

For example, if you sell a 12-pack of protein bars, photoshop “12-pack” onto the product image even if your packaging in real life doesn’t have “12-pack” written on the side.

It’s a key selling point as people click through your images, and will help conversions.

This toes the line with Amazon’s rules, BUT it’s worth testing.

Split Test your Images:

Amazon has a beta brand feature called “Manage your experiments” where you can split test different listing images.

It split-tests images over a 4-week period and provides killer insights. We HIGHLY recommend utilizing this killer tool.

Check out the example below!

Note: Not all brands will have this capability, but most should!

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