Amazon A+ Content

October 30, 2021

A+ Content is the most underrated Amazon feature!

First, what is A+ content? 


It’s a feature that enables brands to change the product descriptions of branded ASINs by utilizing enhanced images, high quality videos and rich text. 

It’s a killer opportunity to stand out from competitors. 

Our top tips for A+ Content: 

📦 Utilize image keywords – alt-text (or image keywords) indexes in Amazon’s search engine. The character spaces are extremely limited, but it does help for both visual impairments and SEO!

📦 Use bold imagery with a focus on branding – most sellers on Amazon have very poor branding on their images. Don’t be that brand! 

📦 Keep it seamless and unified – use the same modules and photos on all your A+ Content brand-wide, but switch it to color match the specific product. 

📦 Challenge your creative team look past Amazon’s limitations and blend images across modules to create a unique experience 

TIP: Comparison charts are a hit! So are icons.

📦 Don’t be afraid to repeat your main selling points – buyers will scan and look at different parts of your listing.


Here’s a strong example from BioSteel that crushes: 

✅ Good use of the large photo 

✅ The colors and brand flow perfectly

✅ Uses and features are all outlined 

✅ Can scroll through with ease and without too much reading 

✅ Incorporates lifestyle images with a special feature from Patty Mahomes himself. 

The Pilothouse Amazon team delivering 🔥 per usual! 

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