5 Go-To Copy Styles You Should Test

May 21, 2022

Rebecca Knight

Have you ever wondered what the Pilothouse Facebook team’s go-to copy styles are when they’re looking to scale? 

Here are 5 of their favorites from a recent episode of All Killer No Filler (listen here) and examples from past and current Pilothouse clients –  JBW, Big Blanket Co, and Look After My Bills (LAMB). 

1️⃣ Hook + emoji list + CTA 

A hook + emoji list + CTA format allows you to blend the punchiness of drawing viewers in with the opportunity to explain the benefits of your offer.

Don’t forget to complete your emoji-filled essay with a call to action. 

The emoji list gives you the chance to split test different unique features, end benefits the customer can enjoy, and value adds to your offer like free shipping, satisfaction guarantees, and social proof. 

Get creative and try your own split test with this format! 

Example 1:

Shop spring essentials with JBW's End of Season Sale.

For a limited time, get…

✅ Extra 10% off all Outlet timepieces

✅ Free platinum warranty with select timepieces ($99 value)

✅ Free storage case engraving with the purchase of Platinum Series timepieces

✅ Flash sales on select best-selling timepieces

Act fast, deals end soon. ⏳

Example 2:

Our FREE service got the BEST deal in the history of Dragons’ Den 🔥

The concept of Look After My Bills is simple: you sign up just once and we find you a great energy deal (and switch you to it) every year!

✅ FREE sign-up (it takes two minutes)

✅ Britain’s biggest auto-switching service

✅ Sign up even if your deal hasn’t ended

✅ Cheap energy forever!

Example 3:

Don't miss your chance to save $25 on the 100 sq. ft. blanket featured in USA Today, Rolling Stone, and more 😍

💥 In stock and ready to ship

💥 Machine washable

💥 Rated 5 stars by 97% of people

💥 100 night guarantee included

Don't wait - tap to find your savings code and get yours now 👇

2️⃣ Long form

Some brands are averse to trying long-form copy because it reminds them of long-form, DR copy often found on pages that look very scrappy. But it’s key to think about where in the funnel you’re testing it for maximum impact. 

Long-form can be incredibly powerful at all stages but sometimes particularly strong in retargeting when you unlock its story-telling powers. A great consideration is mixing in testimonials to break it up or show social proof at the end of your copy. 

If you’re testing it at TOF, consider whether the data shows you’re actually speeding up people’s consideration by the time they finish reading it and realizing you’ve got an offer so good, they’d feel bad about turning it down. 


“Appearing on BBC Two’s hit show, Dragons’ Den, two best friends from university pitched their idea for a service that automatically switches your energy deal to ensure you’re always on the best deal. 🤑

All five Dragons made an offer to invest in their company, with Peter Jones stating, “I think you’ve got a real chance of making this a success.”

The co-founders of Look After My Bills secured an investment of £120,000 for just 3% equity in their company, making it the BEST deal ever secured in the Den. 🔥

The concept of Look After My Bills is simple: you sign up just once, and the platform finds you a great deal, switching you to it every year. 📉

The entrepreneurs intend to make money from their platform by taking a small commission from the energy suppliers they switch you to. However, they take the same rate of commission from all suppliers to ensure they never favor one over the other.

Currently, to save money on gas and electricity bills, people have to spend hours shopping around on price comparison sites and remember to switch every year; otherwise, they get ripped off.

One free, 2-minute sign-up to Look After My Bills sees users saving £321 on average on their gas and electricity bills.

Look After My Bills automatically finds people the best deal and switches them to it, dealing with the whole process. When that deal ends, they are automatically moved to another deal, so they are always saving and never overpaying. 👍”

3️⃣ Question and answer

A question and answer format catches your reader's curiosity and shows them the value upfront. For all our basketball fans, it’s like throwing yourself an alley-oop pass to dunk the ball. 

Experiment with questions, but really think about what questions your prospect may have at each step of the funnel or how your question can set up your most powerful selling points. 

Example 1:

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day Gift? 

Look no further than JBW’s genuine diamond watches, starting at $225.

While our Mother’s Day Sale lasts, get:

✅ $250 off all Platinum Series timepieces

✅ Extra 10% off all Outlet Timepieces

✅ 20% off Select Timepieces with Promo Code: APRIL20

She deserves diamonds.

Example 2:

Not using Look After My Bills yet? 

That means you're still overpaying for your energy.

Over 150,000 UK residents trust our FREE service to find them the best energy deals every year and AUTOMATICALLY switch them to it. ✅

There's a reason we got the best deal in Dragons' Den History.

Example 3:

“Have you ever seen a blanket that's perfect for spring and summer?  This 10'x10' blanket is temperature regulating 😮  Meaning no night sweats and no cold toes 😍

As seen in GQ, Cosmopolitan, House Beautiful, and more 👀  Rated 5/5 by 97% ✅  

Today's the perfect time to join 400,000+ who've already upgraded to a 10'x10' Big Blanket 🔥  

Payments available with Afterpay, Shop Pay or Klarna. 100 night guarantee included 🙌”

4️⃣ Short and sweet 

Short and sweet is great. You can take your most powerful point and ensure someone engages with it. 

Keeping it simple but powerful can help support the other elements of your creative and headline. It’s also a great way to spark curiosity at TOF and drive someone to click a link without pushing them away unexpectedly. 

It’s worth split testing short and sweet vs the other formats to see how the data stacks up for your brand. 

Example 1:

An investment piece worthy of your time.

As seen in Vogue, GQ, Watch1010 and more.

Example 2:

Over 160,000 UK residents are currently using our free 2 minute trick to save an average of £253 on their energy bills.

Example 3:

Oh, thank goodness you saw this ad 😅 We want you to take advantage of our promo code: SNUGGLE25 so you can enjoy your blanket now 😍  Don’t wait ⚠️  Order now and enjoy savings on your favorite style before it's too late!

5️⃣ 3 paragraph (no emojis) 

Think of this as a concise storytelling opportunity. You take your thesis, body, and conclusion and really focus on connecting with your audience. 

If you test this format without emojis, you can get a sense of if your audience responds better to a simple, good old fashioned story or just prefers to read the text without emojis.

Example 1:

“FUN FACT → This 10'x10' blanket costs less per square foot than a tiny throw blanket 👀 It's also made with ultra-premium, temperature regulating material 😍

As seen in GQ, Cosmopolitan, House Beautiful and more 👀 Rated 5/5 by 97% ✅  Today's the perfect time to join 400,000+ who've already upgraded to a Big Blanket 🔥  

Payments available with Afterpay, Shop Pay or Klarna. 100 night guarantee included 🙌”

Example 2:

“👋 Bryan here, co-founder and CEO at Big Blanket Co. The holidays are quickly approaching and, as you may have already seen on the news or experienced first-hand, global supply chain and shipping delays are putting a real wrinkle in Santa's plans. 🎅

🦌 Consider this message your personal Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer lighting your way to a great Big Blanket Co shopping and gifting experience with four tips:

👉 Tip #1: Order early. We mean like now early. This is the most important tip because it means you'll get the style you want before it sells out (last year they almost all sold out).

👉 Tip #2: Take advantage of our FREE same-day shipping. Dane, our co-founder and 6’ 8” resident Buddy the Elf, makes sure all orders placed before 2 PM ET ship the same day at no extra charge to you. Most of the time he's singing. 

👉 Tip #3: Beat the holiday rush. While our packages typically arrive in 2-5 business days, postal carriers are already experiencing delays ahead of the holiday surge. Delays may worsen as the holidays approach. 

 👉 Tip #4: Gift like a pro. If you're giving a Big Blanket this year, select "Sending a gift?" at checkout to include a personal note. All pricing information is hidden on these orders. 

Thanks for being a Big Blanket Co fan — we're ready to deliver holiday magic to your home. 💫

Stay cozy 🤗” 

P.S. We mentioned it a while back, but consider your hooks and don’t sleep on testing hooks like “It’s True…” or “Wow…” to grab someone’s attention as they scroll. 

🖊️ Headline examples:

  • The Best Deal In Dragons' Den History…
  • Stop overpaying for energy..
  • Over 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot can't be wrong..
  • UK residents who haven't switched energy providers lately MUST SEE THIS.

“It’s True” Example:

It’s True....

🚨Any UK Resident Who Hasn't Recently Switched Energy Providers Needs To See This🚨

Auto-Switching Service Is Now Available (COMPLETELY FREE) to stop your gas and electricity bills from going up when your initial deal ends ⚡️

If your creative well is running dry or you want to spice up your ads game, reach out to the Pilothouse team TODAY. 🚀

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