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C-Suite Mastermind:
Las Vegas Replay

March 23-24, 2023
Meta Ads
Email Marketing
C-Suite Las Vegas Speakers were chosen for their multi-category ecommerce success and asked to present the strategic, business, creative, and marketing learnings that have propelled them.

If you’re a beginner, this replay is a fantastic opportunity for you to see what’s possible with ecommerce scale, but if you’re actively building in ecommerce, the practical learnings in this content could 10x your education investment overnight.

Get all 10 talks plus 4 Hot Seats with amazing entrepreneurs who get transparent with their business challenges.
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DTC Scale School
Elevate Your Performance Marketing Expertise with Exclusive Training by Pilothouse Digital's Team Leads

Take your digital marketing skills to new heights with DTC Scale School, our advanced level course tier. In this exclusive program, we've partnered with industry-leading experts and team leads at Pilothouse Digital to provide you with comprehensive training focused on ad platform specific performance marketing. Gain invaluable insights, strategies,

and techniques directly from seasoned professionals who have a proven track record of driving exceptional results on Meta Ads and Amazon Ads (This and more coming soon!)
Whether you're an experienced marketer or looking to advance your career, DTC Scale School will empower you to navigate the complexities of performance marketing and achieve outstanding campaign success.
C-Suite Mastermind
Unlock the Secrets of Success

Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled knowledge and wisdom with our exclusive Mastermind Replays. These replays feature the transformative two-day C-Suite Mastermind events, where visionary DTC founders and executives from across North America and the globe converge.

Experience the Power of Collective Brilliance: Joining forces with 100 industry leaders, our C-Suite Masterminds foster intimate and impactful discussions that ignite innovation and drive growth. Gain direct access to the brightest minds in the business, including mastermind mentors who have engineered the meteoric rise of brands like Ridge Wallet, Mid-Day Squares, Vessi, and Unilever.

Uncover Actionable Insights: Brace yourself for an extraordinary learning journey as mastermind mentors share their invaluable insights, real-life examples, and strategies that empower entrepreneurs to triumph over their challenges. Each replay session is packed with actionable takeaways and expert guidance that can be applied directly to your own business.

Elevate your business acumen, fuel your ambition, and gain a competitive edge – Dive into our Mastermind Replays today and experience a paradigm shift in your entrepreneurial path.
Mastermind Replays
Missed the live event? No problem! You can still access all of the valuable insights and strategies shared at the C-Suite Mastermind Las Vegas 2023 with our event replay.
DTC Workshops are replays of live 4-6 hour workshops with Pilothouse team leads sharing best practices and examples in their fields of expertise.

The Landing Page Challenge in particular is a timeless piece of training that could benefit any marketer looking to up their pre-click content game.

The Amazon Growth Guide is a great teaser course for our upcoming Amazon Masterclass but has incredible value to anyone selling on Amazon and Amazon Ads.