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Hello, and welcome to our latest newsletter! Today, we're going to discuss a topic that's been on everyone's minds lately - generative AI and its impact on digital marketing.
Our Story
Eric Dyck
Eric Dyck
Co-founder of DTC
We’re DTC Media, creators of DTC Newsletter and Podcast, and sister company to Pilothouse Digital.

We’re obsessed with developing and sharing both knowledge and actionable advice focused around how to grow your business and your ongoing marketing skill set (in a fun way you’ll actually look forward to reading). 🤝

The DTC space is ever changing. Our goal? To help you and your brand capture and build relationships with customers, navigate the waters of creative trends, stay up to date on traffic platforms (think Meta, Google, TikTok, YouTube, Amazon, etc.), and connect with partners to build your ultimate tech stack.

We hope that by reading our thrice weekly newsletter, filled to the brim with the exact customer acquisition strategies being used by the world’s fastest growing DTC brands and our agency partner, we enrich your career and help you skyrocket your business to the potential we all know it has. 

📦 The Story of DTC

Let’s jump back in time a few years… All the way back to 2009. ⏱️

Strap in, here comes a history lesson about “performance marketing.”
2009 is when Eric, co-founder of DTC met Jeff Shannon (co-founder of DTC and Pilothouse), Kyle Hitchcox (co-founder of Pilothouse) and Andrew Stern (COO of Pilothouse). The group started working together at a fast-growing affiliate marketing startup in Victoria, British Columbia.

The startup promoted affiliate products on a pay-per-conversion model. What does this mean? We had nearly free reign to drive conversions through digital media buying as long as we made more money driving conversions than we spent on the traffic to acquire them.‍ 🤷

Agencies at that time were fully focused on charging a percent of your ad spend, but as performance marketers we didn’t make anything until the conversions started flowing, so we became interested in the full funnel very quickly. TOF, MOF, BOF? We love it all!

This concept of “performance marketing” has become the core of Pilothouse’s business and the focus of our newsletter and podcast. However, at that time the vast majority of ad spend was still using the “spray and pray” model that the big agencies were using as a holdover from the Mad Men days.

Jeff, Kyle, Andrew, and Dave Steele (CEO of Pilothouse) went on to build the core principle they learned as performance marketers into a new kind of ecommerce growth partner for with a new kind of model  -- Pilothouse was born.

After a seven year affiliate marketing career working on every traffic platform under the sun, in 2017 Eric Dyck co-founded a podcast, a digital marketing training company, and began building a community of entrepreneurs and marketers who were taking advantage of ecommerce’s low barriers to entry to build fast scaling businesses.

Eric hosted live training events all around the world to sold out 500+ person audiences, in Berlin, Bangkok, Barcelona, and San Diego.

In May of 2020 the stars aligned and Eric had a chance to join Pilothouse as Content Director, along with the promise of an “intrapreneurial” opportunity to build DTC Media into its own company. (Eric joined as employee 20 -- Pilothouse is now over 180).

Eric had hosted podcasts in previous parts of his career and knew how forthcoming entrepreneurs are about the exact tactical choices they make to drive great results, and he knew that just by writing down the top knowledge bombs featured in every podcast, that we’d also have more than enough content for a newsletter.

Within a week the DTC Podcast was born, and a few months later, we launched our newsletter to an audience of just over thirty marketers. P.S. We’ve grown a little since then. 😉
Our Content
The podcast is not where the DTC content engine stopped. From once, to twice, to now three times weekly, every DTC Newsletter issue is packed with tactical, often technical insights about how to improve your digital marketing campaigns across platforms like Meta and Instagram Ads, Google Ads, TikTok, Email and SMS, Amazon, and more.

These insights are generated on each platform, tested over millions of dollars of ad spend, and continually optimized by the Pilothouse team of performance marketers.

DTC provides actionable education you can implement to your campaigns to see improvements in your key metrics almost right away. 

We’re not just trying to make you sound smarter -- if you read DTC regularly you will become a smarter marketer.‍ 🧠

Our favorite reader comments are from amazing brands, telling us how much our content is helping them achieve their targets, like this one from Sarmad.
"Reading the DTC Newsletter is part of our marketing team's weekly workflow. There are so many valuable insights in every one, that we actually schedule a weekly team meeting to go over them all to make sure we don't miss anything."
Sarmad Saghir
VP Growth - Dropps
The the time of writing, we’ve written 700,000+ words across 350+ issues and earned MILLIONS of opens. We’ve conducted 300 podcast interviews and earned over 450,000 plays. Ultimately what matters is you, our 160K and growing audience. We know that our audience represents the highest level marketers and entrepreneurs in the world. With subscribers from almost half of the world’s biggest CPG companies, as well as readers from every high growth startup we encounter, we love to muse about the collective ad spend our readers represent. It’s easily in the billions of dollars which is wild.
What’s Next for DTC Media?
Three years into operation, DTC Media is a well oiled content machine. We’ve expanded beyond our OG bread and butter and can now be found in your inboxes under a few different aliases’.

💡 The Daily CTA. An amalgamation of all the top DTC news stories you need to be in the know about. This quick-read newsie lands in your inbox 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) featuring news and tactics to excel your marketing efforts and keep you in the know.

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Thanks for reading — We can’t wait to see you in your inbox soon!
Within a week the DTC Podcast was born, and a few months later
Within a week the DTC Podcast was born, and a few months later
Within a week the DTC Podcast was born, and a few months later

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